Spearmint news for 2021

A very happy new year to you –  we hope you’re all managing OK.

The news here is that we are currently recording the new Spearmint album, which WILL be out in the autumn of 2021.

We’re working with our dear friend Rhodri Marsden on this one. Rhodri made that great Brexit disco album (‘The Hustle’ by Article 54), those three excellent Free French albums on our label, and also plays with Scritti Politti. We teamed up with Rhodri previously on ‘My Missing Days’ and ‘Paris In A Bottle’, which may, or may not, give you a clue as to the kind of album we’re making…

So far it’s going really well and we are ridiculously over-excited about it.We will be partnering with WIAIWYA records for a very special vinyl release of the album – details to follow. It’ll also be on CD and digital, of course.

There will also be two singles before the album is released. As for gigs, well who knows? Perhaps after the album is out – let’s see how it goes…


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