New Spearmint single, video, album & live show

… and we’re back.

The new Spearmint single ‘Melody’s Mother’s Jam’ is released today and you can see the video here.

It’s available digitally and on very limited 7-inch, featuring non-album band favourite ‘Bradley’s Bar’ on the b-side. You can order the 7-inch here.

‘Melody’s Mother’s Jam’ is about the dwindling memories of the mother while she’s around, and the dwindling memories of the mother once she’s not… but it’s quite cheerful, really! It features Si on lead vocals and is the first single from our new album ‘This Candle Is For You’, which comes out on Friday 17 th November 2023.

You can get the album digitally and on limited edition vinyl, complete with 32-page lyric book, which you can pre-order here.

The album will also be available on CD. Initial orders will include a 32-page lyric book, and you can pre-order here.

Finally, Spearmint will play live at Hoxton Colours in London on Tuesday 5th December. This will be the launch show for the album, where we’ll play the new songs alongside tunes from our last album ‘Holland Park’ live for the very first time. You can get tickets here.

Hope all is well with you and hope to see you soon,

Shirl X

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