New Spearmint album out today!

We’re delighted to announce that our new album ‘This Candle Is For You’ is out today, and we love it! You can get it digitally here, on limited edition vinyl here and on CD here, both with limited edition 32-page lyrics book.

Here’s what it says in the current issue of Mojo:

“London indie lifers; still minty fresh: * * * *

Established in the mid-90’s, the quirky, inquisitive Spearmint, led by the elusive Shirley Lee, build on 2021’s joyous Holland Park with This Candle Is For You, their 10th LP. Seasoned ‘Mint listeners will be delighted to know that all standards are firmly in place. Songs are sung about John Gavin, the man who was almost James Bond after George Lazenby, the relationship between Prince and Joni Mitchell, and catching night buses from Tottenham Court Road to Camden in 1999, all set against their sweet soul-Mod-country hybrid. As ever, it is cut through with reality and sadness – Flowers on the Bandstand examines the reaction to Sarah Everard’s death; the track’s extended flute and guitar fade-out is deeply moving. It is a delight to think there may be a Spearmint album every two years for the rest of our lives. Daryl Easlea.”

Not sure about an album every two years, but thank-you Daryl!

And don’t forget that tickets are now available for our first live show in four years, at Hoxton Colours in London on Tuesday 5th December. This will be the launch show for the new album, where we’ll play the new songs alongside tunes from our last album ‘Holland Park’ live for the very first time. You can get tickets here.


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